New Jersey Criminal Law

We will protect and defend your rights when it comes to a criminal offense in New Jersey, whether minor or a major crime. We have many years of experience in criminal defense protecting the rights of citizens throughout New Jersey while always remaining professional and non-judgmental. Having an experienced defense attorney on your side will greatly improve the likelihood of a favorable result.

Criminal defense that we handle include:

  • DUI/DWI*

  • Sex crimes (sexual assault, rape, etc.)

  • Theft

  • Shoplifting

  • Car theft

  • Larceny

  • Violent crime

If you have been arrested or are facing criminal charges in New Jersey, you need to contact an experienced criminal lawyer immediately.  At the Law Offices of Lawrence H. Kleiner, LLC, we will take every possible measure to defend you properly.  For more information, please contact us.

Also pertaining to Criminal Law, is Municipal and Juvenile Law.  To learn more about these legal offenses, Click Here

*If you are charged with a DWI or a DUI you can lose your license, go to jail and even lose your job. DWI is a motor vehicle offense in New Jersey, not a criminal offense as yet.

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